Jewels collections Italo Bottene

Italo Bottene showcases four collections, each one with a distinctive stylistic personality, which are however united by a common thread: a sense of refinement and the care for endless beauty.

Since the beginnings in the 1970s/80s, Italo Bottene distinguished himself thanks to the patented “inlaid stone” technique, a peculiarity that soon became the distinctive trait of the Maison.

Tourmaline, Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Prasiolite, Peridot, Rhodolite, Quartz: these natural gemstones are the absolute protagonists of the PETRA collection, that is entirely dedicated to Color in all of its vibrant nuances. These jewels are masterpieces revealing every shade of the rainbow embraced by shiny and satin yellow gold.

Black diamonds and corundum are the main stars of the IB NOIR COLLECTION, where the blackest black embraces the warm notes of rose gold. The distinctive feature of these patented jewels relies on the show stopping effect made by the black diamonds embedded in the corundum, creating the absolute black.

Style and dynamism are at the core of the IB ROCK set: this versatile collection made of gold and diamonds is inspired by metal gears and allows you to play with the jewel. Its contemporary and light design is the perfect union between technology and savor-faire.

ESSENTIA is a tribute to minimalism and delicate elegance portrayed through soft lines and a light, voluptuous design. Available in yellow gold or in white gold with diamonds embedded beautifully by our Master craftsmen.

Collezione IB Noir


IB Noir

The allure of absolute black is combined with the warm notes of rose gold in an innovative fusion that unites the timeless elegance of gold with the rare beauty of black diamonds set on corundum.

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IB Rock

A tribute to dynamism and technicality inspired by gear systems That will allow you to play with your jewels thanks to the sliding rails that accommodate the gold boules and diamonds.

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Collezione IB Rock
Collezione Petra



The satiny delicacy of yellow gold merges with the gems, creating a perfect balance.

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In the Essentia collection, beauty is expressed through its most essential form: the absolute protagonist, shaped with minimal lines, is Gold.

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Collezione Essentia