IB Noir – Bracelet IB004 - Collection IB Noir

Collection IB Noir

IB Noir – Bracelet IB004

Bracelet with gold boules black diamonds and corundum

The modern and minimalistic design meets warm, romantic colors: the black diamonds and their aura of rare beauty and mystery, are encased masterfully by our master goldsmiths and embraced by the delicate hades of rose gold in the IB NOIR bracelet.

Black diamonds Ct. 0,64 (total num. diamonds 80)



Do you know:

Black diamonds are set within corundum using our patented technology. This unique process involves carefully mounting black diamonds within the corundum itself. This innovative technique lends the jewelry an extraordinarily elegant appearance, achieving an absolute black hue.

Corundum is one of the hardest minerals and is used in jewelry as a precious stone. Its hardness makes it ideal for resisting scratches and maintaining its brilliance over time.

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